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The new Sparkline - Add these abilities

The following formatting/customization of the newly added sparklines (from the Dec 2021 version) should be added:

  • Ability to restrict what is captured in the sparkline without affected the rest of the data in table/matrix.
    • For example, I want to be able to show a line for number of tickets created but I don't want to show the dips associated with weekends but I do need the weekend counts included in the overall total.  Similarly, I want to show columns for values that might fall in any of 6 categories, but I want to suppress 3 of those categories in the sparkline but not from the overall matrix counts.
  • Add a sparkline without first adding a column.
    • Adding a sparkline for the above mentioned categories required me to first add a regular column for data, then create the sparkline, then delete the data column.  Too many steps.
  • Add data point coloring
    • Right now you can only show 1 color in the bar chart.  Offer ability to use conditional and/or gradient coloring and/or coloring for each data point.
  • Add ability to show Y-axis scale
    • Even if these are little sparklines, it is helpful to see the scale of the data.
  • Maybe also include ability to add a reference line to capture target versus actual.



Status: New
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Inforiver supports most of the sparkline suggestions that you have mentioned!


Check out this video and explore the visual.