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Scorecard Improvements: Additional Value column, Resize Columns, Metric definitions and others



I'd like to  add a few sugestions to improve the experience with the Scorecard feature:


  1. Allow to add an additional connected value column (and enable renaming it). Currently if i want to display a performance measure on a monthly basis and yearly basis i need to create an additional separate metric, increasing the size of the scorecard and inefficiently utilising space. It would be amazing to be able to add additional column of values (to see % Month, % Year on the same line)
  2. Current column size for Scorecard description is fixed, it'd be good to enable custom sizing (with wrapping) to enable better tailored visual/layout of your scorecard.
  3. Enable customising colour of your metrics (rather than an automated colouring)
  4. Enable to choose hierarchical metrics to be pre-collapsed or expanded (e.g.: if you have 5 metrics under 1 metric, i'd like to choose that users first see the Parent Metric collapsed - and choose to open if they'd like).
  5. Create a custom Text/General Definition field when you click on "Details" of measure (on opened small window). Allow Scorecard developers to provide description or definition of the measure to enrich users experience with Scorecard.


Thank you,


Status: New