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Provide ability to control viewport property through code - Custom Visual Development

Provide access to the viewport height and width through when developing a custom visual. When developing custom visuals that act as controls like date range pickers or combo boxes the visual cannot extend beyond the visual host.

The only way to make the visual useful is to provide enough height and width for the visual when building your report, this takes up tons od sapce and make the report development and use very clunky


Status: Accepted
Community Champion
Status changed to: Accepted
Super User I

Hi @v-viig ,


Any update on when this feature will surface?

Super User I

Hi @v-viig ,


When will this move from accepted to in progress?

Super User I

Hi @v-viig,


Any update on this request

Advocate I

To be able to control the width and height of the custom visual container would be a useful feature.


If the custom visual container overlaps other visuals then the user is unable to interact with those visuals.


Any update on the request?


We are working on Modal Boxes API, it will allow developers to show elements like a date picker or drop-down menu outside of visual IFRAME (ETA is the end of 2020)


Super User I

Hi @nikitagrachev ,


Any Update on the timing of this feature being release?