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Map with Three Points: Supplier -> Distribution Center -> Store, Supply Chain

Hello! Having a supply chain modeling complications.


For my supply chain class, I am attempting to build a map in power bi that goes from start to finish for a company to visual routes. The route is supplier to distribution center (Inbound), then distribution center (DC) to store (outbound). I want to show Supplier -> DC -> Store on one map. 


The data way the data is structured, the first point at the "origin city" and the second point as "destination city."

For inbound, the origin city is the supplier and the destination city is the DC.

For outbound, the origin city is the DC and the desitnation city id the store.

Both process are linked by a unique tracking number. 


Is it possible to build a map with three locations? Attached is an example of the data. 

Or is there a streamline method that allows maps with three locations? 


Considering spilting the data between Inbound & Outbound, then appending the data together by linking the unique tracking number so that all of the locations are on one line. I could just rename the third column "Destination 2"Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 9.02.41 AM.png


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