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Make conditional formatting simple

Hi All - my suggestion is to make conditional formatting simple.  There are too many dependencies or conditions upon the conditional formatting that it makes it unusable sometimes.  It really should a simple thing to do - if you have a card, table, visual etc. and you want to set a simple condition like if this is =>0 - make it green, <0 make it red.  I should not have to throw in a table value as a reference for it work off of.  It should not matter its a measure that is just a total, etc.  The people using the visual know what the numbers represent - I should not have to throw in Business/Country/Item, whatever to the table just to make the formatting work.  Just have it look at the number given and say - if its this - then this, if its that - then that.  Add in the percentage options as well. 


Too many times i've wanted to use conditional formatting only to have it not work because the visual or field i'm using is not in the format the conditional rules need in order to work.  Those rules shouldn't be there - just make it simple.

Status: New