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List of Report Pages on Left of Screen in Desktop

I have 35 Pages in my report.  It is cumbersome to get get tp the last tab/page in the report in the desktop version. Would like to see a list of pages on the left-hand side of the report, much like, or exactly like what can be found on the service.  Would be very helpful in getting to the tab/page of the report that I want.  

Status: New
Helper IV

Great Idea, exactly what I am looking for as well!

Helper II

Voting for this. Kinda crazy to always need to click to the right side and hard to find the pages at the bottom of the report *sigh*

Helper IV

I've just discovered that you can navigate more quickly thru the pages by pressing Tab. Try dragging a page to the end while pressing Tab. Not the real solution to this problem, because it is still unclear.

Helper II

Hi @DeBIe 


Wow it does help! Thanks!