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Line and Clustered column chart – two Y axis

It would be beneficial if we could measure two sets of measures to compare with.  Like measure your sales value against your budget (as column chart) alongside with the lines of comparing your current quantity produced vs. your last year's produced quantity. 


Currently, the "Line and Clustered Column Chart" can give you this but it only has one Y-axis.  Unfortunately, quantites and sales value can't go together in one axis because of a big value difference.

Status: New

Hey @Anonymous, in the formatting pane, under the Y-Axis card, you should be able to turn the "Show secondary" toggle on (if it is on and you still don't have a secondary axis try turning it off and then on again). Is this what you were looking for? image.png


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Hi Amanda,


I was trying to use the two-axis using the "Line and Clustered Column chart".

I want the column to be grouped together and not stacked.


Would you have any other suggestions?



- Louis