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KPI visual has that option to show the total instead of the latest value

We would like a KPI visual that shows the percentage change over the current year, combined with the trend month by month.

With the standard KPI visual, you always see the latest change% when you add a trend ...So when you show the trend by month in the current KPI Visual, the kpi value shown is the change over the current month.  We would like to see the overall YTD change% (from 1/1 until today) as KPI value and in the trend the monthly change% (so for each month the change from the first day until the last day of that month)


remark : a YTD calculation will not work because we have daily data that can not be added up (for ex daily inventory levels)


I suppose we will need the KPI value independant from the datetime-category used in the trend


Any idea if this already exists ?

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Try the Dual KPI visual, it shows change from a date you can set to current date



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tx for the feedback.

Could you explain a bit more what you mean with "you can set to current date" is this done ?


But I don't think the Dual KPI does exactly what I want... I think I would need to be able to use a different X axis on the 2 kpi s  : so for ex top axis "by month" and the bottom axis "year" (to get the full year change% without splitup month by month)



Use the "% change start date" option



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Unless I'm missing something, the new Power KPI custom visual will meet your requirements.  You can define your own calculation to use as the KPI indicator, as well as display a second calculation as part of the visual. Feel free to drop us a line at if something is missing. Thanks.