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Inline Json Document Visualizer

We've got a lot of analytical data where after analysis we generate a small JSON document (10-250 lines) that gives contextual information about the analysis. Depending on the type of analysis run, the shape of the JSON document is quite different. We're looking for some means of visualizing the JSON document as a tree or other type of expanding hierarchal structure inside the columnar data in focus.


Let's say the column has a JSON document like:



    "fname": "Joe",

    "lname": "Momma",

    "hobbies": [


        "stamp collecting",

        "trolling on the internet"




there would be a top-level, drillable object that expands to show fname, lname, and hobbies values, and you could also expand the hobbies values out.


We really need something like this, and frankly I'm stunned that it doesn't seem to exist anywhere, or at least as far as my Google-fu can take me. What are our options?


Status: New