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Hide empty hierarchy levels in Matrix visual

When using a hierarchy that has multiple levels, blank rows are displayed in the Matrix visual.

The custom visual "HierarchySlicer" allows these 'empty leaves' to be hidden.


Please add this option to the Matrix visual as well!

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THIS!! Our organization has many ragged hierarchies with some going down 10+ levels. It is a MASSIVE pain to accomodate because it just leads to users expanding the same value a number of times and makes the hierarchy filter very cumbersome to use. Other programs like SmartView/Essbase and even SSAS (I believe) offer the ability to suppress these duplicate or blank levels.


This would be an amazing feature to have at the hierarchy level and not just specific to matrix.

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This is available as a feature in the custom visual; Financial Reporting Matrix:

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@Ahaano Yes, but it will cost you 297 euros a year. Not a great solution for many.