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Gantt Chart for repeated tasks



What would be a great addition to the power BI visualisations, is a Gantt chart for repeated tasks (see added picture, from the website here, i used this tutorial to create such a chart in excel)


On the X axis a timeline, Y axis is category, and plotted is time elapsed, with Time_start and duration of the datapoints.


There is a gantt chart available in the store, but this doesn't work with repeated tasks.


A visualisation like this would be great for uptime analysis of machines, factories, ....


How to Make a Gantt Chart for Repeated Tasks 02

Status: New

Hello @TDJ


That's a great proposal.

We'll include this feature into our backlog.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals


Try the As Timeline custom visual from Antti Suanto

Works great.  I have been using to track multiple start and end date/times. Per category.