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Gantt Chart, Collapsed with Milestones

Needed: Gantt chart where 1) each row is its own project, 2) shows segments (bars) for time segments, and 3) shows milestones that can be labeled and be different colors.



Status: Accepted
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Is there an ETA on this? This is a great feature that is currently available in Tableua and not in Power BI.


No ETA. It's on backlog because our current focus is to migrate all of in-house visuals to versioned API ASAP.


We'll revisit this feature later this year.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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This functionality will be the difference between Power BI being used or not. It's aa vital element to a Gantt Chart. Thank you

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This is a feature we've been asking our IS teams to push with MS for 2+ years now. We are having to send user to both PowerBI and Tableau Server for reports. Could really use this feature ASAP!

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Can we expect an ETA on this soon? @v-viig 


It is limiting reporting in PowerBI for time and project management a lot. 



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I must also emphasize the need of this kind of visual. I need a compact timing visual so when you look into a project you directly get an overview over the project plan together with cost etc in one page. I also like this ide of visual:



Please put this in prio.



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This is a great idea and is needed.


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Hi! That's exactly what i am looking for, with one additional feature - hierachy view with few layers - eg. layer 1 = parent task, layer 2 = task, layer 3 - child task, layer 4 = small activity with possibility to expand and roll-up. 




Is there an update on development of this functionality? The timeline feature with milestones as described here is a vital element that is missing in Power BI and would be extremely helpful to have in our organisation. 


Thank you

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I found one solution called Gantt 2.2.3 but it seem that its not certified and therefore I cannot make PPT.

Pleas Bi team, fix this.