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Fully functional dynamic Pivot table visual

A fully functional pivot table visual where the report developer can configure the allowed fields in the pivot visual would be a great addition. Visual should allows users to rearrange rows and columns, add filters, add/remove fields from the list of fields and measures provided etc. 


This would allow users to view the data different ways and manipulate the views on the fly within a fairly controlled environment of the report itself. 

Status: New
Advocate I

This would be a great improvement!

New Member

We switched from Qlik to Power BI.  The main complaint I get from my user community is that in QlikView they had a dynamic pivot table where users could select/modify the data fields they wanted to see in the pivot table.  It was very useful and very powerful.  Unfortunately, Power BI doesn't have any comparable solution.  I hope someday you will have this and someday soon.

Advocate I

@tanderson, I know exactly what you mean! In QlikView and QlikSense this is possible, but 

still not in Power BI 😒