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Fix position of drill up / drill down icons



Depending on the screen resolution being used to access the online service, the above drill up/drill down icons sometimes appear inside the upper right corner of the visual, and sometimes outside and above it (changing whether the visualization is responsive or not doesn't seem to have any effect). When there is another report object immediately above the visualization (say another visualization for example), the drill up/drill down icons appear directly on top of the other report object. In some cases, you are not able to select them because the other report object is on top of the buttons. When working with denser reports, this can make design very challenging and requires you to include odd looking bands of blank space. It would be ideal if we could force the icons to only appear inside the visual itself. From my own personal experience, I can't think of a good reason these should ever appear outside the visual, because it helps a great deal if you can assume the visual will be self contained when designing a report. The dynamic nature of these icons causes a lot of headache.



Status: New
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I would like to have this feature implemented too.

As these options always appear on the right hand top corner, sometimes there may be space available to position them on the Left or in the center, which could easily solve the problem.