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Editing Slicer Interactions

Please change the way we edit interactions between slicers. Currently I have to select the slicer I want to edit the interactions of, then I have to go around my report trying to make sure I've checked off all the little boxes that might mess with my desired outcome.


The real problem is that boxes can overlap, and it can be very difficult to tell (on a busy report) if your slicers are interacting (or not interacting) the way you want them to. 


In this image there are two boxes (below the selected slicer) and it's impossible to tell what their interaction is without moving them around. This means re-formatting, re-spacing, and a very annoying quality check to ensure the desired effect is being achieved. And if the user happens to click in the wrong spot the interactions all disapear.... super annoying. 


I'm don't know who designed this feature, but it's terrible. Please fix it. 



Status: New
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Also - it would be nice (when we copy and paste a slicer) that the interactions carry over.