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Dual X axis bar chart

It would be wonderful to get dual x axis bar chart in the Power BI as part of standard visual (something in line with visual available in Tableau) along with the custom sorting options. 




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Hi Vivek,


Something similar to this can be achieved with Drill Down Combo Bar Visual by ZoomCharts. The only difference is that instead of  a new x axis to thr right, it would be plotted on top.


Here are few sample


2 bars with seperate axis -

1 bar + line on seperate axis -


Does this kinda suit your needs?

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Hey @APavlovs ,


Thank you for your input. 


Unfortunately the alternatives you have suggested is not what I would like to part of the Power BI visual group. This dual-axis chart in Tableau is very helpful in getting two data types compared using bars, and the combo-chart doesn't give that "look-n-feel".


Let's hope Power BI gets it sooner.



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