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Date Slicer - Latest Date

When using a date slicer it would be great if it existed an option "earliest date" (or latest).


The issue is that when you have a table that is constantly adding new records, with a date column, the default status of the slicer gets outdated.


Example: the default status of the slicer, and where the bookmark was saved is on period 2019.05. When a new record 2019.06 is added to the table, the bookmark needs to be saved and bookmark updated, this every month.


I know there are DAX workarounds, I am using them, but an "latest date" option on the date filter would save us this extra work.

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Hello, I need your help in creating a default slicer Option: 

Scenario: I want to create a slicer which always selected latest yearmonth as Default selection (for example when user open report on September2019 he has to see 2019-sep as selected) and he also able to select previous yearmonth data.

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Data I have is for 2017,2018, 2019 and I also have date column and yearmonth column(yyyy-mmm). So, I want to create a slicer with default latest yearmonth as selected and also users can select other years data if they want to.

I also don't want my users to see selection like Text 'latestyearmonth' they just have to see 2019-sep, 2019-Aug so on....


Help me resolve this..!!!