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Custom Visual New Submission Breakdown or Weighted Tree

Hi All,

Greeting for the Day!

I was wondering if someone can build of one very important visuals missing from Power BI gallery is Breakdown or dependencies tree,
this will help us to design a good view and give us more room for other visuals to add in our dashboard.

I wish if someone could do it would be great. Below is one such example. Thank you again.

This is an open source code so you can use the code to build the Power BI Customs visual. Thank you!!!



Status: New
New Member

what is the criteria to start ideas ?

Community Champion

Any developer from the community might implement any of proposed visual and publish it under own brand.

We don't have any plans to implement this idea at least for now.


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Advocate IV

Oh thats not good, atlest the most important missing visuals must be build by Power BI team.

New Member

Such a basic visuals missing +1

Advocate IV



Thank you for your vote Wish someone build this visual and submit it so all can use it.