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Change the order of reports in App

Have the ability to specify what order you need the reports in your app. Currently i have placed a number in front so it sorts it, but would be nice to have the option

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I know workaround for this issue as I faced it myslef. 


Select No in the 'INCLUDED IN APP' tab for all the reports that have in the Apps. Select Update app button.

Check the apps - you should have no reports listed.


Select Yes in the 'INCLUDED IN APP'  the first report you want to have on the list and click on update app button. Check the apps - you should see the selected report.


Select Yes in the 'INCLUDED IN APP'  for the second report you want to appear on the apps list and select Update app button. Check the apps - you should see 2 reports.


Repeat the step above to add ech report in order you want to have.


Please let me know if this is what you were looking for...

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I think this is actually a feature. If you go to the Workspace and click Update app, then the Navigation button, it gives you the option to change the order of all the reports.