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Animated Horse Race

As an analyst, I would like to be able to do a stock price peer performance analysis over time.  I would like the analysis to be animated similar to what I was able to create using Flourish:

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Here is a demo of the Power BI Horse Racer custom visual that I have been working on with two friends. This visual is not yet complete, as there are still some styling attributes that are still to be done and the major step left with the visual is the implementation of the settings. For this, I have a basic idea of what I want to allow the user to be able to edit and customize based on their needs, but I want to give people the chance to view the project and give feedback on what they believe should be added as a setting.

ETA should still be for early January, where the visual can be used and integrated within your reports.

@Anonymous @cpereyra @JamesBI @anyo 
Please leave any suggestions or things you think should be added as soon as possible and I will be sure to do my best to add them in before release. 

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Great work! are you able to do the race based on cumulative values?

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Looks great! 


A couple things -


1) Are you planning on having this certified by Microsoft?
2) Are the endpoints (where you have the circle with the rank) going to be customizable?

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I was planning on having an option in the settings which would state if the values should be cumulative or not.

1) Yes, but it may take more time to do so. For that reason, I plan on releasing it on GitHub for people to import and use right away while I am in the process of getting it certified.

2) I was thinking of having two options, one making it be any image (customizable for each element) or let it be an SVG element that anyone can create on there own and have it be that instead. 

Thanks for the feedback from both of you, it is very much appreciated.

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@Anonymous  @JamesBI  @cpereyra @anyo 
Here is the link to the GitHub of the project. It is not done, there is still work to be done on it, but it is at a point where it can be used within a report. I made a little demo showing off what it can do linked here:

I am going to move away from this project as I am working on a hackathon project, but I plan to revise it in February to fix it, so feel free to leave comments and bug reports on the GitHub repo or here and I will get to them then.

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@mcrandall  @JamesBI  @cpereyra @anyo 

Has anyone had the chance to check the visual out?


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@PesceJonathan This was exactly what I have been looking for!


I have just imported into Power BI and it's working wonderfully. I am using it as part of team competition. Thank you very much for creating it 🙂


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Ehhhh I am so glad to hear that it is being used!!! If there are any bugs or anything you think should be changed let me know and I will happily work on it!