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Allow Power BI Dataset Direct Query (composite Model) on power bi service to be able to refresh

currently this works fine when refreshing over power bi desktop but its a limitation on the power bi service that give a SSO authentication error and doesnt allow to refresh (this its actually a noted limitation on power bi dataset direct query. 

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Exact same issue - or at least let us set up an MS flow to republish the dataset 😂

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Also facing same issue when creating calculated tables on a PBI dataset. Any help would be appreciated!

Helper I

Yeah this really came as a surprise.


Everything works fine i Desktop - then you find out, it doesn't work in Service. 


I also tried to see if it was possible to refresh the dataset using Power Automate, but that doesn't work as well. 


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Any known workarounds? I spent weeks developing a data model only to find out that now it's impossible to refresh via the service. That's a no go for our users. 

Is there really no way to add transformation steps to a shared dataset?