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Ability to Change A Slicer's Eraser Icon's Color

This one is pretty self-explanatory and one I think has been on here a couple times.


When we use custom colors the eraser icon doesn't always clearly show up and my customers seem inconsolable that they have to "de-select" their selections from within a slicer (since they think the eraser doesn't exist or went away--not sure which that case is, but that's neither here nor there). It'd be nice to just set the icon to Black or something--even if it wasn't full hex control/functionality like we've comes to love elsewhere within the software.







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I have the same problem

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This is much needed. In many background colors it makes it extremly difficult to see the eraser icon. I would also extend this to the down carrot that allows you switch from List or Dropdown.

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  • As others mentioned. This is very much needed, in dark theme backgrounds this icons are not visible.