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A Timeline slicer that is not massive



This is a simple idea that reflects most of the review feedback for the otherwise excellent timeline slicer.


*Please can we have a version of this visual that is not massive?*


Its a great slicer - but its like putting duplo with Lego - it looks ridiculous in the context of a report with almost any other tiles on it.


Please can we have one that scales well to a "normal" size and ideally works with sync slicers/seledctmoin pane bookmarks.


Many Thanks,


Status: Accepted
Regular Visitor

Any update on this?  Timeline slicer seems to work well for me, but is way too big to be of much use.  Seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to scale down the size of this.  Thanks.

Advocate I

Waiting for an update on this too. 

Frequent Visitor

End of 2020 and we're still waiting on an update for this.  Even removing the slider doesn't help as the disables the clear selections button when it's shrunken down too far, leaving a ton of empty space at the bottom.