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Re: Timeline Slicer Usability

@v-viigThanks, but there are already ideas around the timeline slicer, and I don't want to fragment the votes. Can't this post just be marked an unsolved?


Anyway, the Power BI team don't seem that active on the ideas section, as there is no attempt to consolidate very similar ideas, popular and long-running ideas often get no feedback from Power BI team members, and sometimes items are marked as completed when the features released do not meet the initial idea.


Sorry if this sounds like a moan, but I just feel that in its current state the ideas pages often leave me feeling frustrated.





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Re: Timeline Slicer Usability

As far as I know, there's no way to unresolve the item. Our suggestion is to open a new idea.


We monitor ideas but we have limitted resources to implement all of them.

If idea was implemented in another way I suggest to comment the idea or open a new one.


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