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Timebrush graph not updating

I have a report page with a Timebrush element to control the span of date/times shown in other elements of the page.  The timebrush [Date] field is being filled by a date field from the data model, and the [With Value] field is being filled by a call count field (integer).    These values work fine in the Timebrush and I can use the element to control the time spans shown in the report.


There is also a slicer on the page which is labelled Internal Calls and shows the values - Yes and No.  Initially when the page comes up the Internal Calls slicer is set to Yes.   The Timebrush element shows the graph of calls for Internal calls correctly.   When I switch the Internal Calls slicer to No the page takes a second to refresh (other visuals react to this change) however the Timebrush shows the exact same graph with the counts for the Internal calls.  This is strange because the little progress indicator on the Timebrush does spin when the Internal calls slicer is switched from Yes to No, and vice versa.   What is even stranger is that I have validated the data in the Timebrush element by doing - Export Data to csv - in both situations and the data correctly reflects in the Timebrush element.   However the Timebrush graph appears to be stuck in the initial position (showing the call counts for Internal calls).   Hopefully I was able to explain this somewhat clearly.


What could be causing the Timebrush graph to fail in updating when making changes in a slicer on the same page?



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Re: Timebrush graph not updating

It might be some kind of interal error in Time Brush Slicer.


Is there a possibility to share a report with our team to investige the issue? You can prepare a report with mock data in order not to share private data.


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