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Advocate II
Advocate II

Power KPI Matrix - KPI Indicator, Sparklines & KPI Colors

Hi, hope this is the right place to report bugs or ask for help.


1. I want to add the KPI indicator color to the sparklines, however the coloring is being applied to the line segment after the current value instead of the segment between the comparison value and current value.  Could this be fixed to color the line segment the KPI color is being calculated for?


- Row 1:  Line going down, red indicator, but it's colored green (because previous comparison was green)

- Row 2:  Line going up, green indicator, but it's colored yellow (because previous comparison was yellow)


Is there a way to fix this myself, or do I need to wait for a tool update?




2nd item I want to point out is the auto calculation for KPI status could be more sophisticated on dealing with KPIs that are percentages already.  Instead of doing the difference and dividing by the denominator, could just provide the difference.  The percentage of the percentage is not very useful, and when coming from a negative percentage, it is calculate as a negative instead of a positive.  I can probably try to fix this using "KPI Indicator Value", but haven't done so yet.  Will work on that next.


Thanks for any help here.



Hi Andrew,


Regarding this topic it is a known issue but I cannot provide any ETA concerning when it will be fixed.


Fortunately, we've recently opened the visual repository so, you can fork it, make corresponding changes, modify GUID and build a package to use it instead of visual from the store.


Kind Regards,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals


Any updates yet??? 

Power KPI 2.0.0 visual, already has this functionality.

Could you please add to KPI matrix too?

Kind regards

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