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Welcome to Power BI Custom Visuals Community!

Power BI custom visuals is all about community.  We are very excited to announce that custom visuals now have a special place in the Power BI community site, to share knowledge, ideas and news!




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How does one go about getting an existing app update?  The Timeline 2.4.0 is great but it need a update to allow the Fiscal Year to appear correctly in the display area.  Currently if you don't take Jan as your beginning of the year an have a different beginning of the year, the Month display shows the title with the Year for the end of the period.  So a fiscal year of 2021-2022 the app shows only 2022.

Regular Visitor

Hi all,


I'm trying to add some custom visuals (such as Power KPI Matrix) from files to a PBI report using PBI Desktop (Jan 21 version), and the icons simply don't show up in the "Visualisations" section.

I see a message "The visual was successfully imported into this report", but nothing happens.


This issue seems to be resolved in the newest (May 21) release.

Is this a known issue in Jan 21 version?

Could it be that there's an issue with my PBI Desktop installation?



New Member

Hi everyone,
I am using this word cloud visual for a client project and I have a problem with it.

We have 7 words but nothing shows up in the cloud!!! 
Is there a minimum number of words for them to show in the word cloud? !
Frequent Visitor

Chiclet Slicer 1.6.3 and Attribute Slicer 2.1.2 both not loading on Report Server (Oct 2020 OR JAN 2021) for some of our customers. The issue seems to be a timeout with slow VPN connections: if the visual doesn't load or render within a few seconds, it stops loading altogether and won't show at all. Other standard visuals like tables or bar charts are shown. Refreshing the same report several times always leads to the same issue. Is there a solution for this? Like enabling longer loading time / no timeout for visuals in the report or some other settings? Can you direct me to someone who can help with this?
Regular Visitor

I was linked here through PowerBI custom visual support link for Gantt visual. Where could I download the older version of Gantt? I'm looking for the version as per the screenshot on the product overview with a black line for task completion%. The latest visual which use overlay colour density gets messy when I enable 'Group Task' functionality.

drop a mail to Power BI Custom Visuals Support <> and they will help you to get the older version visual file.


Helper I
Helper I

CHICLET SLICER 1.6.3 is not displaying in Google Chrome when I deploy my report to report server.  I can see everything in the slicer on my desktop-report server, but both my customers and I dont see the slicer on Report Server-deployed.  My customers use Edge as default but want to make sure it works in both browsers.  Can you direct me to someone who can help with this?

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Hi all,


the Attribute Slicer is not certified anymore, therefore my company is not allowing to use this visual anymore. Is it possible to certify it again? 
The Attribute Slicer is the visual I use most for my dashboards.

Best regards,


Frequent Visitor

Hey where can I get timeline slicer version 2.1.0 in which dates show inside of box instead of outside or top of the box, i am searching timeline slicer 2.48.0 version(2.1.0). can someone help me with this?

Post Prodigy
Post Prodigy

Could you please add to Chiclet Slicer feature - on click image follow hyperlink or open setted report page?


Regular Visitor

Hi all,


Does anyone have any idea the 'Text Filter' visual show me this error once published to BI Service. Worked well in BI Desktop. Thanks.


I have blown up the visual shape to see the error message, basically the text filter just won't show on Power BI Service, it works fine on BI Desktop.



Regular Visitor


I am using the Power KPI Matrix visual version 3.1.1 and noticed that there are some visual formatting options missing in a newer version of a file that uses this.  The Category, Subcategory, and Category Subtotal options are present on an older version of a file with this visual but they are not present on a newer version.


Does anyone happen to know what happened to the Category, Subcategory, and Category Subtotal options on the latest version of this visual?


Thank you,


Frequent Visitor


i'm using power KPI 2.0 custom visual, and I realized that lack two common features that most visuals have.

1- having a chart, let's say, x -time, y - sales amount, if you click in any of the points the visual doesn't work as a time filter as other visuals do.
2- It is not possible to use page tooltips with this visual.

Am I wrong?

Is there any workaround? especially for the first one.

Thank you.

New Member

Can you add vertical grid lines for the visual "Gantt" version And respectively a setting toggle switch to turn it on or off. Currently there are only horizontal grid lines, however it's usefull to visually relate to the date in the header. Thank you.

Not applicable

Dear Madam/Sir, 


the card browser custom visual  support link took me here.


I have issue to add more than 4 images in title image section. 

is there a limit here? anyway to overcome it?







Yes, you're right.

There is a limitation for this bucket (see the following picture)



As a solution, you can fork the visual repository, adjust condition inside cpabilities.json, change a visual GUID iside pbiviz.json, build a new package using npm run package script and import a package file into your report.


Kind Regards,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

Not applicable

Dear Evgenii, 


I have installed the custom visual dev environment on my computer.  

and about go through the following tutor.

I download the card browser package from the github  and  unzip to C:\Windows\System32

I switch working directory to the card browser folder.  and start the project in powershell

but I come across this error, do you know why?


I have tried the following solution, but with no luck.

thanks for your help. 


Best regards,




Not applicable

Thanks a lot, Evgenii. This is very helpful.

I will give a try. 



Regular Visitor

Hi. I'm using the Gantt 2.2.3 and have an issue. When I edit the report in Power BI desktop, the legend colors are correct, however when I publish in my workspace the legend colors dissapear.


 I am using the most current version of the Microsoft 2.2.3 Gannt chart and I cannot seem to get the black completion line to display. I am using start and finish dates, dates are date format. The tooltip shows 100% complete yet no black line. How do I get the black completion light to show. Thanks in advance. Elizabeth Tachjian
Elizabeth Tachjian

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