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S_Breuer Visitor

Manipulate Power BI Dataset through custom visual

Hey there,


I want to do the following:

1. Collect some parameters for example through checkboxes

2. Query another datasource through a REST API call with those parameters

3. Change the Power BI dataset with the response of this query


More precisely, I want to connect to a TM1 Server, display Cubes, Dimensions etc., make a selection on what I want to see, query the TM1 REST API with the chosen parameters and then change the dataset in Power BI. 


From what I learned so far, I think a custom visual should be able to do this job, but I am not quite sure if the last step, changing the Power BI dataset can be done from within a custom visual. Could someone give me a hint on that? Or maybe lead me to a better solution?


Thanks in advance

Moderator v-viig

Re: Manipulate Power BI Dataset through custom visual

To change a Power BI dataset you have to use Power BI REST API.


Most likely it's possible but we have not tried to call a REST API from Custom Visuals. 


Ignat Vilesov,

Software Engineer


Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals