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Sebastiaan Frequent Visitor
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Looking for a custom visual to visualise relationships between business partners

I am looking for a custom visual to visualise relationships between business partners. In this case the relationship of different school campuses with their suppliers. The image below shows my idea what the visual should look like and what elements of the visual should be reflecting the underlying data.

I searched throughout the marketplace and internet for custom visuals but found nothing that fits my idea. Therefore I think it will require some developing effort to realise this visual. I have no experience in developing custom visuals, neither JavaScript, Typescript or R and after studying some tutorials about developing custom visuals I realised there a quite a few approaches for developing a custom visual (Java Scripts, Visual Studio Code, R/Python scripts or using tools like Charticulator, etc.). So far I have no idea what approach would be best fitting for the type of visual I have in mind. 

My questions are: 
1. Did I overlook something in the available custom visuals and is there already a custom visual that fits my needs?
2. If not, can someone give me an indication how complicated or difficult the development of my preferred visual is and give some guidelines or assistance in the process of developing?
3. Or, where can I find someone willing to develop this custom visual for me?

Schermafbeelding 2019-10-09 om 13.19.11.jpg

Additional information:

  • Distance between circles indicates geographical distance. Therefore length of the connecting lines also reflect distance.
  • Size of the circles reflects size of School campus and/or Business partner.
  • Color of the circles reflect the holding where each school of business partner belongs to. Preferably this color can also be set to change according to the type of services being delivered, etc.
  • Thickness and style of lines between circles reflects rating of the relationship.
  • There is no specific need to plot the circles in a map according to their lattitude and longitude as the focus is on the distance between them and the characteristics of the relationship. But if so, than only if the map layers can be set to a specific level of transparency, to make sure the focus is on the circles and relationships between them.
  • When hovering over any circle or relationship the typical black pop-up window appears with the relevant information as shown in the example.
Microsoft v-evelk

Re: Looking for a custom visual to visualise relationships between business partners



Have you already checked a visual store?

The picture that you provided looks like Natwork Navigator Chart.


Kind Regrads,


Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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