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Custom svg import to custom visual

Hi, could anyone please show me the right way on how I can add a custom svg to visual.ts (for example interactive country map, just svg containing path for each region) and bind regions(svg paths) of this map to vanilla or custom barcharts. I have the svg file with a certain country map, which is divided to regions by paths and I want to import it to my custom visual. The behavior I want to achieve is like this: when user click on a certain svg map region, the barcharts change their view to appropriate region's data (for example show population, gdp etc.)


Thanks in advance!

Moderator v-viig

Re: Custom svg import to custom visual

You can use jQuery to handle SVG and generate SVG DOM elements.


Ignat Vilesov,

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Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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Re: Custom svg import to custom visual

I found this tutorial very helpful as I'm not very familiar with jQuery: