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robjensen Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Cannot import multiple r-script sources in RHTML visual

I'm unable to import multiple r-script source files in RHTML visuals.  Power BI and R seem to import the first file referenced, but any subsequent source(./r_files/foo.r) calls appear to be ignored.  This behavior is not getting repeated in RStudio using the same instance of R.  Any guidance would be appreciated.


Steps to reproduce:

1) Create new visual using the RHTML template and create a new .r file in the r_files directory:


> pbiviz new sampleRHTMLVisual -t rhtml
> cd sampleRHTMLVisual
> echo $null >> .\r_files\test.r

2) Flesh out required information in pbiviz.json:




3) Insert the following code as the first line in script.r:




4) Compile and load the visual:


> pbiviz package

5) Observe the error message:

Can't display this visual.
R script error.
Error in libraryRequiredInstall("ggplot2"): could not find function "libraryRequireInstall"
Execution halted



v-evelk Established Member
Established Member

Re: Cannot import multiple r-script sources in RHTML visual



It looks like you try to create new project with non-webpack version of tools and it is probably required to set this file in tsconfig.json ('files' section).

I tried to build by your instruction with the latest version of powerbi-visuals-tools and everything looks OK.

To install the latest version of tools please run in a console the following command:

npm install -g powerbi-visuals-tools@latest

Kind Regards,

Evgenii Elkin,
Software Engineer
Microsoft Power BI Custom Visuals

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