Gateway usage in Power BI Service

by Moderator v-yuezhe-msft on ‎05-08-2017 02:46 AM


1. Power BI personal gateway is installed successfully and running, why it says “You don’t have any data gateways” when we go to "Manage Gateways" in Power BI Service to set up data sources?

2. Can we mix Power BI personal gateway and on-premises gateway to refresh a single dataset?

3. Why the on-premises gateway option is grayed out when setting schedule refresh for dataset even we have added data sources under gateway?

4. Why on-premise data gateway is not available for the dataset combines on-premise data sources and online data sources that use OAuth2 authentication?


1. This is an expected behavior. After installing Power BI personal gateway and configuring the personal gateway, directly sign in data source and schedule refresh for the dataset in the dataset’s Settings screens, check the example in screenshot below. See this article: Power BI Gateway - Personal to get more details. However, once installing on-premises gateway and registering it, registered gateway can be found in the "Manage Gateways" page.

2. It doesn’t support to mix Power BI personal gateway and on-premises gateway to refresh a single dataset. Either sign in all the data sources of a dataset under personal gateway and use personal gateway to refresh the dataset, or add all the data sources of a dataset within registered on-premises gateway and use on-premises gateway to refresh the dataset.

3. Go to File -> Options and settings ->Data source settings in Power BI Desktop to check all the data sources of the dataset. Make sure all data sources of the dataset are added under the registered on-premises gateway in Power BI Services, and ensure you enter the same connection strings of data sources as that you use in Power BI Desktop.

4. See this KB: