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Past Community Highlights


Power Query

The 'Integrations with Files and Services' forum has changed to 'Power Query'. Power Query is the Data Connectivity and Preparation experience across mulitple Microsoft products, including Power BI, Excel, Common Data Service and more. 


Check out our Events forum for details on upcoming events!



Microsoft Business Applications Summit is coming soon and registration is open! Check out this article for more information:






Community Support Area

We have launched a Power BI Community Support area to help our users more easily find information about joining and using the community, and getting support for community related issues. We have support articles broken out to help find what you need quickly:

  • Community Information - In this knowledge base you will find Community Highlights (this article) that we will update on an ongoing basis, and Power BI Community Known Issues. This article will help our users to know if an issue they are experiencing in the community is being address, or do they need to reach out to us. 
  • Community Accounts & Registration - Here you will find support articles to help you get registered for the community, or if you are having trouble with your community account. You can also visit this knowledge base to find out how to manage your community profile.
  • Using the Community - The support articles stored in this knowledge base cover interacting in the community. 
  • Community Feedback - This discussion board isn't new, but this is the place to go if you aren't able to find the support you are looking for in one of the above knowledge bases mentioned above. Making a post on this board will get you in touch with the Power BI Community Management team. 

Content Mentions

Users are able to reference and link other messages in the Community within a message body. The mention appears as a hyperlink once the message is posted. In the PBI community, user mentions appear at the top of the search pop-up, followed by matching content, separated by conversation style.



DAX Command and Tips

Although this isn't a new board, it is now visible to all users from the home page. If you are looking for help with this topic, check out this board! 


Current Community Highlights

This article contains all Community Highlights posted more than 2 months ago. To check out the two most recent highlights, check out our 'Current PBI Community Highlights' here:


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