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The dreaded “Need admin approval” error

I am getting a message that says "Need admin approval".


Tenant Issue.png


If you received this error, your tenant has a restriction on its members to give consent to third-party applications. Please have them contact their tenant admin and grant consent to the "Power BI Community" application.


The following steps can be used as a reference by the tenant admin if needed (screen UI may vary).


    1. Request your tenant admin to login to the Azure portal
    2. Select "Azure Active Directory" --> "Enterprise Applications"
    3. earch for "Power BI Community" and select it.
    4. Select Security -> Permissions --> User Consent
    5. Click 'Grant Admin consent for <tenant name>'
    6. Admin will be prompted to verify the login and give consent. After providing consent, the tenant Admin will be redirected to the Community (Please take the screenshot and share with us).


Now you can sign in to the community from your browser.