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Known Issues

  1. Supported browsers:  Our Community is designed to operate on most web browsers that support modern web standards. For the best possible experience, we recommend using of one of the following browsers:


    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Safari
  2. Ascending feature is not working in search page (sort by Replies)
    • Description of issue: User is unable to sort posts with lowest replies or no replies. However the sorting with descending replies is working fine.
    • Fix: It appears that this problem does not occur in the Responsive Platform.  We will be moving to responsive design in March and this issue may resolve itself.
  3. Profile Page Unavailable
    • It has been identified that some users receive an error message when attempting to access their profile page. A solution has been identified by our platform vendor and is scheduled for release March 2019. 
    • In the meantime, users can view subscriptions and bookmarks by going to ‘My Subscriptions’. This option is available via the drop-down navigation menu under your user name (top left of the page).