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I Need an Organizational Account.

How to Create an AAD Account for Power BI


Step One: Navigate to to create a new tenant account using your company account (or create a new one). 


Create AAD Step One.JPG



Step Two: Click on "Azure Active Directory" in the left menu.


Create AAD Step Two.JPG



Step Three: Choose "Create a Directory" on the bottom right menu.


Create AAD Step Three.JPG



Step Four: Here, you are creating a directory of your own. You can choose your Organization name (for ease of use, you might want to choose your name/org).


Create AAD Step Four.JPG



Step Five: Once Directory has been created, click "Here".


Create AAD Step Five.JPG



Step Six: Your New Email address, which is your new Initial Domain Name followed by, will be at the top. Copy this.


Step Seven: Click on "Users" on the left menu.


Create AAD Step Seven.JPG



Step Eight: Click on New User.

Create AAD Step Eight.JPG



Step Nine: You have your own Tenant, now you need to create your own AAD Account WITHIN that Tenant. Name Field: You can give it any name (such as your name, followed by a number, such as John101). User Name: Use that name (John101) followed by '@', followed by your new Tenant account (which you copied in Step Six). Copy and paste the user name into Notepad or other. This is your new AAD user tenant account.


Create AAD Step Nine.JPG



Step Ten: At the bottom, choose "Show Password" and copy and paste (in Notepad or other). You can change this password later Click "Create" at the bottom.

Create AAD Step Ten.JPG



Step Eleven: Go to in an incognito window and click "Sign In".


Step Twelve: Use your new AAD user account that you copied in step 9 to sign in. The password will initially be what you copied in step 10. Update when prompted.


Step Thirteen: When you get to the "Sign in to the Power Bi Community" screen, you will enter your EXISTING community name and password to map these to the newly-created AAD user account.

Create AAD Step Thirteen.JPG



Step Fourteen: To validate your new account, open another incognito window (or clear your cache) to sign in again with the new AAD account.





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