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Advocate II
Advocate II

What's the best way to find out what issues have been addressed and released in Power BI?

I know the Power BI team is working on a number of critical things.  Having access to the "suggestion list" along with the amount of support for each topic is extremely helpful.  Some of the items are extremely important to our clients, and the more information we can have on how and when they've been addressed the better.  Can we get a release list weekly/biweekly?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Up until now at least, there has always been capability and update news posted to the Power BI blog:


I would assume that is to continue unless somebody wants to pipe up and let me know of a new channel 🙂

My other computer is an Azure data centre.

I'll piggy back here as it doesn't make sense to create another thread. I think what pwickwire is suggesting is that there doesn't seem to be much in the way of letting community members know what the status is of bugs and issues that are brought up on this site.

From the member standpoint, we address a whole slew of issues one day, and those issues "resolve" themselves, or we just keep pointing back to old threads identifying the problem with no known fix in sight. (There are exceptions to this where certain admins have gone out of there way to be clear - which is appreciated)


I am assuming that all of the issues and bugs that come up on the site being tracked, so, can you put in place a means for us to find out when they are addressed?

Or, if that isn't feasible, add a Bugs only section with "forum rules" and in order to submit a bug you need to point to a thread where "x" number of people are experiencing the same issue. - Something that allows members to give a quick glance and see if known "Community driven bug/issue" is still outstanding or fixed. 


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We will look into the best way of doing this. Most likely a what's new / updates page on our support site. We'll get back to you as soon as we have a solution.

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