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Support Site - Sign In/redirect needs some tweaking

Couple things I'll point out here that caused me to scratch my head.

If I'm on the main Power BI site and click on the "?", and select "Feature Requests" I am redirected to the following URL:

So far so good, except I'm not signed in even though I came from my Power BI site.

OK, click "Sign In" that is highlighted in BOLD at the top of the page (see below image) - which promptly shoots me back to my Power BI site... I look a little lower, and see I can sign up, but I've already done that. Only after some frustration, and "knowing" I've logged in somehow before, I start searching around the page... and lo and behold...

The actual way to sign in, is click on the miniscule text (seen in the below image). Can we get the really large "Sign In" button to actually sign us in, or when we are redirected from our main site automatically sign us in?




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Memorable Member
Memorable Member

I am having the same issue, effectively I cannot do anything on the support site because I cannot sign in there.    The support team recommended that I clean out all temp files and cookies, which I did, but it did not help.  Tried it on several browsers and it still does not work.

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