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Helper V

Spanish Email Notifications



I am using the English version of this community, but from time to time I get on my email address some Spanish notifications.

It seems that my posts in English are automatically "duplicated" in the Spanish and is not a problem, but it seems that forum is not "in sync" with the English version.

My problem is that I keep receiving email notifications from "Power BI Community Administrator" asking "Did you get the answer you needed?" for the Spanish version while in the English version I have marked the answer a long time ago.

What am I doing wrong?... 😄


Kind Regards,



@Lucian There is currently no way to unsubscribe from these notifications. As you mentioned, the best option is to ignore them, at this time.

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Not applicable

I am searching for answer, and Google brings me to this page. 

Helper I
Helper I

Its 11/20 and Im getting them. Hasnt been resolved in 3 months? 😞

Helper IV
Helper IV

Yeah, I started getting these on Monday. For every notification I receive, I get another immediately after translated in Spanish. I never turned this on or subscribed to these additional notifications.

@jdubs As mentioned in my comment above, there is currently no way to unsubscribe from these notifications.

I'm getting these, too.

I think Power BI is a great tool, but as I've said in direct feedback to MS before....these forums are a JOKE:


  • hideously slow;
  • every link for a solution RELOADS the page instead of just taking you to it (even if it's on the same page);
  • just viewing your own notifications takes you to another page, meaning you have to remember to go BACK to what you were looking at. If Facebook can manage to do notifications the right way (a sub menu displayed on your current page) since 2007...I'm even pretty sure EZBoard had this function from 2002!!), then surely the mighty Microsoft can do this?

It's overcomplicated and unyielding, and frankly isn't fit for purpose. Now we're getting (very good) Spanish translations of all our notifications, and Microsoft's answer is "yeah you can't unsubscribe from them, so best just to ignore them"...What's going on???


Rant over. 


PS - can't wait to see the Spanish reply for this.


@Lucian You are correct about your posts being auto-syndicated and translated into Spanish. This is why you have been receiving notifications about Spanish posts. Solutions currently aren’t syndicating, but we are working on fixing this. Thank you for being a member of our community!

Hi @JCM_iTalent ,


Thank you for your message.

In this case is there a way to unsubscribe for the "auto-syndicated" messages?... because today I have received a bunch of "Did you get the answer you needed?" for these translated messages.

And it seems that there is no option for "unsubscribe" - I have checked on each topic (I see only the "subscribe") and probably I cannot unsubscribe from the "Power BI Community Administrator" messages. 😁

And for the moment I just have to ignore these kind of messages? 


Kind Regards,



@Lucian There is currently no way to unsubscribe from these notifications. As you mentioned, the best option is to ignore them, at this time.

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