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@SomeMSUserName as a mechanism to highlight problems to Microsoft admins

There are times where we see the same repeated issue or question that would warrant some MS admin input.
(Examples: Bugs after version release, repeating error experienced by many, etc.)

I was thinking it would be helpful for the community to be able to pull in an admin or specific Microsoft approved Community user account to specific threads that may warrant Microsofts further attention? I'm specifically thinking about the @username capability.

For example; A new version of the Desktop is released, some functionality breaks, and users start requesting help. Several threads, and repeated testing, point out that indeed there is a bug. An answerer would then include @SomeMSAccount in a response to draw attention to the thread.

This would also solve the issue of whether or not we know admins are aware of issues as we can see that it's been brought to the attention of "said" account.

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Super User

Re: @SomeMSUserName as a mechanism to highlight problems to Microsoft admins

Thats a good idea, I have been tagging messages with "bug" when I feel that is likely the issue but I suppose we, as a community, ought to come up with some kind of "standardized" way of doing this.

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Re: @SomeMSUserName as a mechanism to highlight problems to Microsoft admins

This is actually a great idea @Seth_C_Bauer and @Greg_Deckler. We have implemented some changes on our end like required labels and some backend processes to identify problems faster, such as the ones being described here.


So our recommendation is:


  1. Use the "Need Help" label on these topics
  2. Tag the topic with as much detail as possible

Last but not least, let us take this feedback and figure out easier ways to do this if it doesn't get solved by the changes I mentioned.


I know I sound like a broken record but thanks again!

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