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Private Message Credits Reached

Is there a maximum number of messages that we can send every month? And how do we refresh these credits?  I can send private messages to the Admin but not to other users.  Notification says I exceeded the allowed.  This has been the case since March.  Anybody experienced the same?





@EnterpriseDNA The screenshot suggests that you might be trying to send too many messages within a certain time frame. Are you still experiencing the same issue today? What happens when you try to space your messages out more?

This has been going on since middle of March until now.  Is there a way to refresh this?

@EnterpriseDNA We don't currently have any other users reporting issues, but I will check with my internal team.

@EnterpriseDNA Are you still experiencing the issue, as of today?

Hi @JCM_iTalent , tried sending private message today and it still says that I have reached the maximum limit for messages.

@EnterpriseDNA please go through the following steps to see if it helps:

  1. Clear your browser cache
  2. Refresh your page
  3. Try again
  4. If this doesn't work, grab a screenshot.

If you are still not able to send a private message, try in an incognito/private window to see if you are able to. If this doesn't work, grab a screenshot.
If you still are not able to send a private message, try another browser. If this doesn't work, grab a screenshot.
If you are still unable to send a private message and have access to another computer, try another machine. If this doesn't work, grab a screenshot.
If the above steps don't help and you still aren't able to send a private message, please provide the following information so we can open a case with the platform vendor:

  • What type of machine are you using? (PC or Mac) - be sure to mention if you tried on other machines and if so, what type.
  • What OS?
  • What browser are you using or have you tried?

All of these steps will help to narrow down the issue. It's much easier to try each suggestion I have listed upfront, because these are the troubleshooting steps our platform vendor will come back with.

Hi @JCM_iTalent, thanks for all the recommendations.  I tried doing the first 3 recommendations, but they all came out unsuccessful.  Message went through when I changed computer.  Would help if you can provide reason as to why I can't send using my former computer.  I'm using Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows 10 Pro, Google Chrome.




@EnterpriseDNA I am going to open a support case. I'll get back to you when I have more information. Thank you.

@EnterpriseDNA Could you please send me some dates and times (including your time zone) for when you unsuccessfully tried to send a message? Thanks in advance.

@EnterpriseDNA It would help support immensely, if you could provide us with dates and times (including time zone) of when this issue occured most recently. Thank you in advance.

message reached.png


Hi @JCM_iTalent ,


I just tried sending a message now (4/22/2020 at around 1:25pm GMT +8).


Still getting the same notification. 


I am using the laptop and OS as stated in the previous message.



Thank you, @EnterpriseDNA. I have passed the information provided by you on to support. I will let you know if I have any updates.

Thank you for your help.  Will await your response.





@EnterpriseDNA Thanks again for your patience. We did find an error in our logs for the time and date reported by you. Have you experienced the issue since then (4/22)?

@EnterpriseDNA The logs indicate that you have not received any errors in the past 10 days. Could you please confirm that this is the case?

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