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SmallCityGuy Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

PowerBI - Error/Bug - Datasets - Data source credentials - ODATA - Sequential Edit Credentials

Hello, I've found what may be considered a bug or an error with PowerBI. This error occurs when trying to edit multiple OData credentials for a dataset. If you edit the credentials for an OData datasource while the dropdown success dialouge is still visible on the screen, the configure screen keeps the same authentication as the one you've just used, and when you try to sign in, it throws this error:

OData Issue PowerBI.png

This isn't much of a problem, as the solution is waiting a few seconds, but something that may be good to note.


Edit: have to refresh the page at this point to edit the credentials of any new Odata data sources (The (x) ones). Though on a new one, if you try to sign in again with anonymous credentials while it still has the error message, you can get some freaky long error messages.