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NOT WORKING - Filtering forum messages by ascending number of replies

Hi all,

When browsing through the messages posted in this forum, it would be useful to have the possibility to sort/filter the messages by number of replies. In this way, people looking to answer questions could quickly locate those that have had no replies yet (or only one or two). The fewer the number of replies,  the more likely it is that the question is challenging/interesting (or maybe not clearly explained...).  Could this be implemented?


There is possible a workaround for this. Searching for a character that comes up in virtually all messages (a dot for instance) and sorting the search results by ascending number of replies. This feature however is not working properly. The sorting is all over the place. See the screen capture  for the result when searching for "dashboard" in posts and sorting the search results by number of replies ascending.If the feature suggested above is not implemented, could this issue be fixed? 


large.pngSearch results with sorting. Sorting not working properly