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Codaste Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Highlight solution posts


Thanks for the great community site, is really helpful and it is my first reference site when in doubt.


Experience: As I use it often, I have found a potential (small) improvement. When a question is marked as "Solved" (Hooray!) and you smash the button to find it, the browser smartly scrolls down to take you where the solution post is., but sometimes due to short msg length some posts show-up and it's not very clear which of them corresponds to the solution.

Q: So I was wondering if this could be somehow clarified by 'tagging' the message with a nice green "Solution" label, or maybe pinning it right below the question? I don't know, just throw the idea Smiley Happy


Keep up the good work!, I'm sure and hopeful that Power BI will become (at least the leading) standard and that will match EXCEL record of 30 years leading the market thanks to this wonderful and enthusiastic community and the special way you guys and ladies care about it (us) and this piece of software... cannot wait to watch the next Data Insight Summit!.



mbenjamin Member

Re: Highlight solution posts

Thanks for the feedback! 

We definitely want our solutions to be easy to find, and I'll pass this on to our platform team. 


I hope we continue to see you around the community!


Community Manager