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Changing signing account to the community support

How can I change my signing option to the Power bI community? I want to use my personal email address not with my organizations account? If possible, Can I still keep my kudos?


Hello @Samrawit21 - 


The Power BI community does require an AAD account. If the personal account you would like to use is not AAD, you can create one for free by following 'I Need an Organizational Account' in this support article: If the personal account you wish to use is AAD, proceed with creating a new community account with your personal email.


Once you have the new account created, visit

to open a support case so that we can map your existing account to your newly created account. In your case, please include the community user/profile name and email address you previously used to log into the community, as well as the newly created community user/profile name and email address of the account you create. Please minimize your community activity using your newly created profile until the mapping is complete. This will ensure you retain all your community contributions.


Feel free to send me a PM if you need further assistance or have questions!

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