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Helper II
Helper II

Can't reset password...

I am having trouble logging into the Power BI Community. Let me reiterate that I can log in to Power BI itself just fine - it's the community here that is powered by Lithium that won't let me log in. (I created a second account which is how I'm posting this.)


I created a Power BI community account. I received the welcome email and I'm fairly certain I validated my email address by clicking the link. I stupidly managed to not have my password saved and couldn't log in. So, I click the "Forgot password" link and receive the email with a link to reset my password. I go to the password reset page, enter a new password and it tells me "Correct the highlighted errors and try again. Sorry, we are unable to reset your password." At the bottom is what I get when I attempt to reset the password.

Can someone help me? I'd rather use the original account I created as opposed to this one. 


And again, this is my Power BI community account, not my Microsoft Power BI account (which works fine)!




Regular Visitor

I hit this issue today. "Correct the highlighted errors and try again" message shows though nothing is highlighted. Looks like this bug has been around since at least 3 months ago (April)?

Helper I
Helper I

I was only able to register and signon with a business account. Not what I wanted - unable to use my personal email. I was also unable to change the email adress after registering - it just keeps asking me to enter a valid email address.

Did it actually let you register and you just couldn't sign in? Or did it prevent you from even registering? I was able to register and validate my email.


If they really won't let you use a personal account it would be one of the dumber things I've ever heard of but I don't discount the possibility.

It seems I had already registered with my personal email address. I clicked the 'forgot password' link, got the email, clicked the link in the email, but it would not let me change the password - i tried several different ones. No luck.  I got "Correct the highlighted errors and try again. Sorry, we are unable to reset your password." every time. So I was stuck. I then reregistered with a work account and that worked. I then tried to change the email address of my new registration to my personal account, and that failed (expected I guess). So the inability to reset my password on my personal account remains.

Hey, @jdballard30 and @Mbalcarek!

Thanks for reaching out. Could you let me know the original usernames you used and are now having issues resetting the password for?


Community Manager

MarcelBal and thank you for looking.

Echoing @Mbalcarek: thank you for taking the time to look into this!

@mbenjamin, the original username was @jdballard.

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