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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

2 Improvements: Report bug + mark more threads as solved

Hi guys,


I really like the community here and the chance to submit feature requests.

Nevertheless, I am still missing a feature here which would be really helpful for some discussions. Some issues seem to be "new bugs", which are not known to many users and have to be found out. I think it would make sense, if the user in those threads could mark the thing as bug, so the admins/mods could take a direct look into it and route it to the product team.


Furthermore, I would really love to see more posts "solved", as a lot of answers are provided, but the creator of the thread does not mark an answer as correct. It would give you a far better impression. 🙂


Just 2 cents - besides that: I think the Power BI approach and the open community is great. Please keep on going and thank you for the hard work!


@AdamWilson: I have added you as I have not received feedback from the mods - would be great if you could us an impression what you are planning with the community features etc.


Hi @Bjoern,


We'll flag this idea to our product team. There's a lot of ideas on how to surface this but no agreement. Hopefully we can have some news this coming year 🙂

Data for Everyone! We mean it

hi again @Bjoern,


A good practice would be to tag all topics that about this with the "bug" tag. Some mebers have done that and it helps to filter all of these posts.

Data for Everyone! We mean it

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