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"Once upon a time...", a Power BI poem

This Power BI poem was written by Mike Davies, Creative Business Analyst for NHS England, and shared on Twitter. You can find more of his poetry at


We're happy that Mike's Power BI project inspired this charming little poem, and wanted to share it with the rest of the community. If you have a poem, haiku, or other creative work about Power BI, let us know!













May I add to Mike Davies' wonderful poem some words from the Danish scientist and poet Piet Hein. These words have really helped me in understanding and hopefully eventually mastering DAX and the power BI universe. In Danish it's called a 'gruk' – some arranged words that make you reflect.


The road to wisdom?

Well, it’s plain

and simple to express.

Err and err and err again,

but less and less and less.


In German it can be summed up to 'Übung macht den Meister'. In English 'Practice makes perfect'