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Microsoft Certification Exam 70-778: Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI

by TedPattison on ‎11-01-2017 04:06 PM - last edited on ‎11-02-2017 01:34 PM by MindyJ Frequent Visitor

So many people on the Power BI team at Microsoft have been working day and night for the last two years making the Power BI platform and its constantly-evolving feature set more competitive against Tableau, the industry leader. Those of us outside of Microsoft in the Power BI community can also help to make Power BI more competitive against Tableau by working together to increase the amount of Power BI expertise in our industry. Power BI adoption numbers are sure to increase as companies become more confident in the fact that they can find the right people with the talent and skills to design custom Power BI solutions and to manage the wide-scale distribution of content published to the Power BI service. This is why Power BI certification will become increasingly important as we move into 2018.


Recently I ran a free workshop for all of those connected to Enterprise DNA in some way. It was all about dashboarding and how to develop really compelling reports. Here's the reporting dashboard I showcased as I ran through my best practice visualization techniques - I'm making it available for download here along with the workshop recording


Multi Year Performance.JPG





Walk Through Of Many Ranking Techniques using DAX in Power BI

by EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor on ‎10-09-2017 01:49 PM - last edited on ‎10-09-2017 01:50 PM by mbenjamin Member

There's so many applications and situations where utilising ranking techniques really add a lot of value in your analysis.
I've created many videos over at Enterprise DNA TV which showcase these techniques, so I thought I might review some of these here so you can learn about them more.
I'm going to review these techniques but don't forget you could apply these a number of different ways and in lots of situations.
1. Find Your Top Customers Through Time Using RANKX in Power BI w/DAX
2. Discover Top Salespeople Contribution To All Sales in Power BI w/DAX
3. Discover The Best Selling Day For Your Products w/DAX in Power BI


Enterprise DNA TV logo2.png


Through utilizing the flexibility of the Power BI data model and the power of DAX you can develop some unbelievably compelling visuals and reports. I'm going to take you through the steps you need to take to make this work well, so that you can create reports like this....I call this technique MULTI THREADED DYNAMIC VISUALS


dynamic vsiuals.JPG


Power BI Free vs Pro Infographic

by Super User ‎04-18-2017 05:01 PM - edited ‎06-20-2018 05:20 PM

I have created an Infographic where you can view which options are free and which options require a Pro license. 


This will hopefully make it easier to understand if you use a particular option, if it will require a Pro license.


Using DAX to compare data or metrics over time is incredibly efficient. Using a range of techniques in this post I'll show you how to analysis performance of these metrics over multi-year time periods.


Multi Year Performance Analysis.JPG


It is amazing how much more efficient it is to complete reasonably technical analysis with Power BI. One business scenario where this will bring huge value to an organisation is when looking to understand your customers better.


One type of analysis I like to use quite often is comparing this year totals to last year totals. I want to also always make it as dynamic as possible. All I should have to do is change the context of my calculation (ie. bring in a new dimension like regions/products etc) and everything should automatically re-calculate.


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