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MirandaLi Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

If you are an adventurous kind, you might discover a vast array of fancy chart types beyond the regulars you see or use every day: Sankey chart, spider chart (radar), waffle chart, candle stick chart, stream graph, sunburst, word cloud, stacked bubbles, and you name it. At some point, you might start to question: do I really need to know every visualization display ever created to be an effective analyst? My advice is: master core chart types first before getting fancy! It’s like storing house-fixing tools in your garage.


EnterpriseDNA Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Recently I ran a free workshop for all of those connected to Enterprise DNA in some way. It was all about dashboarding and how to develop really compelling reports. Here's the reporting dashboard I showcased as I ran through my best practice visualization techniques - I'm making it available for download here along with the workshop recording


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